Foxlin Architects and Cal Poly Pomona earn two of eight design awards at the AIAOC Awards



Foxlin and Cal Poly Pomona earn two of eight design awards at the AIAOC Awards

 The first was a citation award for Eco-29 for Commerical interiors. Eco-29 is a physically morphing, spatially adaptable wedding hall and event space that stands as one of the largest spatially kinetic environments of its kind. “The jury saw the project as an innovative repurposing of the existing structure and appreciated the use of affect and atmosphere generated by the squeezing and expanding of the interior skin.”
The second was a citation award for the work done by Students in my Grad 503 studio on the Wedge Cabin Design and 499 class with arch, planning, and landscape students for the site design for Sonoma County Parks. “The jury felt the project displayed a great economy of means achieving elegance on a budget.  This project does one thing very well, and sets good precedent for how students can realize a project with little funding.” We were quite surprised to learn the project earned the only residential award given.
Michael was the keynote lecturer,giving a talk on the Adaptable World, highlighting interactive projects around the world. FoxLin/Cal Poly Pomona won two of the eight design awards given out that night.


FoxLin Design Team at the Ocean Institute.


Students Janus Victoria, Emily Williams, Matt Azpilicueta with Asso Prof Juintow Lin.



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