The first of house for the Haiti Reconstruction Project designed by students at Cal Poly Pomona has been completed in Haiti. The house was designed and prototyped by students under the direction of Professors Juintow Lin and Michael Fox in an effort to respond to the desperate need for affordable housing in the aftermath of the magnitude-7 earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Development efforts are carried out with Pacific Green Innovations of Portland, OR. which has established a complete manufacturing and fabrication facility in Haiti. The house is constructed with a unique resin-coated corrugated paper core sandwiched between magnesium board panels which is manufactured in Haiti and built entirely by local workers using very few imported materials. The final price of the house is $8,000 USD.

The photographs show one of the prototype house (painted green) built at Cal Poly Pomona, with Architecture students and Profs. Lin and Fox on the right; one of the prototypes (painted orange) at the Haiti Housing Expo; and Haitian workers building a prototype. The orange prototype was built as part of an exposition in Haiti and will become a permanent home for a Haitian family after the exposition closes.

Principals: Juintow Lin, Michael Fox
Design Team: Ashi Martin, Gaby Barajas, Nicole Graciano, Fariba Mostajer, Jennifer Guerra, Liliana Alvarez, Ryan Raskop
Work Drawing Team: Nicole Graciano, Fariba Mostajer, Jennifer Guerra, Ashi Martin, Gaby Barajas, Nathan Houck
Construction Team: Miguel Simental (Project Manager), Chris Stanford, Ryan Raskop, Peter Fox, Caleb Wong, Chris Young, Matt Terry, Maro Asipyan, and many other great volunteers from Cal Poly Pomona!