Steven Sequoia Architectural Associate of Foxlin Architects of Southern California



Education Bachelor of Architecture
California State Polytechnic University

Born in Reno, Nevada but raised on the coast of southern San Francisco since he was three, Steven has lived in California for a majority of his life besides the two years he spent in Seattle.  He is a nomad of California, living in San Francisco, San Diego, and Orange County. He just can’t get enough of the Golden State. Most of his time is spent, surrounded by his children, taking them on long walks on the beach, hiking, bike riding, and his favorite, driving them around to all their “ridiculous obligations.” Their social calendar may be even more full than his own. When he’s not with the kiddos, he is taking his fiancé to Irvine farmer’s market or to a fancy dinner in Orange County or Los Angeles. That is if she isn’t kicking his tush in some high-intensity interval training.  He absolutely loves spending time doing yard work. Who doesn’t? This bodybuilder works out as if it’s his mission and eats more than a family of two. Steven has worked as a sous chef and serveur for Michelin starred chefs for twenty years. Recently, he became a wine connoisseur, managing the Wine Spectator Magazine Award-winning Wine List. His rich taste is in high demand here at FoxLin Architects. Steven loves the creativity and hands-on nature at FoxLin.