Appreciating the Single Mom


My husband, Michael, travels a lot. Usually trips last 1-2 weeks, but this time, he’s on a 1-month haul. It has been an adjustment for me, since when he is here, he actually spends more time with the kids than I do. By the way, I should mention – I have an amazing husband. Anyway, I digress. So the last month, I’ve been trying out the role of single mom, caring for two kids, one 2 and one nearly 4, and two dogs. For our dog walks, we tried several different options, and decided best was for Juneau to walk Mogwai, me to walk Niko, and Ori on my back in an Ergo. The wagon was just too much trouble, and two kids walking amongst two leashes was not a pretty picture.

In any case, so far we are doing just great. It’s definitely not easy, and I truly admire the moms who are single moms full time. On the other hand, it has allowed me to spend much more quality time with my kids than I have previously. We balance our days by discovering the amazing things to do around Southern California, including visits to San Clemente’s water park (aquatics center), Salt Creek Beach, San Clemente Pier Beach, Dana Point summer weekly free movies and concerts, making tie-dye shirts, $1 movies on Tuesdays at Krikorian in San Clemente, and a lot of hot yoga at my gym (yay unlimited childcare).

Today we were in Carlsbad checking on the status of one of our houses under construction, and we discovered Ponto Beach – amazing! The beach is average in terms of scenery, but the water is shallow and the waves are small – it is perfect for small kids. I was even tempted to try surfing after being there, which is a temptation that I never have, despite where I live and what everyone I know does. The only down side to being the single mom – is that my work day consists of naptime and starts after bedtime, so I’ve been going to sleep no earlier than 2am, up to 5am. When I’m exhausted the next day, I take a nap with the kids.
We found a new beach - Ponto - in Carlsbad - great for kids
San Clemente Pier Beach is always so picturesque
made new shirts for the kids - Ori is all about purple now
putting our new beach blanket to use