Mars Colonization: Explorations in Architecture and Reproduction (CPP)



The focus of this design studio is to allow architecture students to make contributions to the conceptual design for alternative means of Martian Colonization through means creating architecture that creates itself. The Project has three Primary Considerations including: The actual trajectory issues (how to get materials to the Mars), Chemical Processing (how to make materials on the Mars) and Space Manufacturing (how to fabricate and assemble/construct things on Mars). Of the central issues explored in this studio, we will concentrate on Manufacturing as a process carried out by small modular robotics. The premise of the approach is that rather than sending a constructed architecture to space, we send tiny robotic modules that are capable of reproducing through automated fabrication techniques using in-situ materials. The modules with embedded sensors, self-healing composites, and responsive materials will construct buildings aimed at adaptation. Such buildings can respond in a humanlike way to counteract loads and reduce material, change shape to block sunlight, allow for active ventilation and insulation, and prevent their own degradation. When enough of architecture of the colony has constructed itself – we send humans to inhabit it.


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