This residence is on a large, irregular shaped lot,  for a car collector . The garage holds two forty foot RVs, as well as a number of collectible cars.  The house is on a busy street and the architectural design bends with the curve of the road, placing important rooms on the back of the house which fronts onto a pastoral hillside as the backdrop for the rear yard. The large, 4,000 square foot garage includes a half bath and 1220 square feet of lofted storage.  It is accompanied by a 3 bedroom, 3 ½ bathroom home, which features a double-height entry and an open floor plan, with lofted ceilings over the living and dining rooms.

Design: 2017
Location: San Juan Capistrano,  California
Lot Size: 20,380 square feet
Area House: 2,880 square feet
Area Garage: 5220 square feet
Structural Engineer: Julian Zhuang
Title 24: Chris Kaye
Design Team: Juintow Lin, Ollin Timm, Josue, Soma, Melissa Goeritz
Client: Private Homeowner