This residence is a 2,189 square foot, three bedroom two bath single family home with a garage.  The clients wanted a modern coastal cottage with open, bright interiors.  A large portion of the existing footprint now features a large open floor plan including living, kitchen and dining spaces all under a spacious lofted ceiling.   Three wing additions were added, extending out into the yard at 3 corners.  One wing houses the master suite, with walk-in closets, one wings serves as a front office and entry, and the third is an extension of the kitchen with a covered rear deck.  The kitchen opens up to a rear yard area with amenities such as outdoor kitchen, firepit seating area, and water feature.

Design: 2017
Location: Costa Mesa,  California
Area Remodel:1,238 square feet
Area Addition: 951 square feet
Structural Engineer: IFC Engineering
Title 24: EnerGlo24
Feng Shui Consultant: Yuan Yuan
Design Team: Juintow Lin, Melissa Goeritz
Client: Private Homeowner
Status: Under Construction