The prefabricated modular housing includes a number of designs at a wide range of scales that are based exclusively on a patented honeycomb composite panel under global rights for development. The honeycomb composite sandwich panel is created from 100% recyclable materials. Development efforts are being carried out with Pacific Green Innovations of Portland, Oregon which has established a complete manufacturing and fabrication facility in Haiti and Nigeria with several others in various states of progress. The designs include permanent housing ranging from 250 to 400 to 600 square feet as well as master planning. The pre-fabrication nature of the design strategy includes a high integration of local labor by manufacturing the panels locally. The design also prioritizes a very fast erection time that allows a house to be constructed on site in only a few days.

Design: 2010 – current

Location: Haiti, Angola, Mozambique, and Nigeria

Total Units: 200 – 5,000 units

Total Floor Area: 7 – 50 acres

Client: Pacific Green Innovations, Portland OR

Note: Design carried out in conjunction with Cal Poly Pomona Architecture Students