Some Great Photography Apps


I just started playing around with a few new apps for taking pictures on my ipad. The two I have downloaded, Photosynth and 360 Panorama are great – I think I have a slight preference for Photosynth. I am using photosynth if I plan to shoot up and down and not just left/right, and 360 panorama if I plan to email flat images. I admit, I’ve only used these two apps for less than a week, so I still have lots to learn.


Clyfford Still Museum Interior Panorama


  • can shoot up and down, in addition to left and right
  • available on ipad
  • can manually shoot pictures, so it’s possible to fix mistakes
  • free
  • can embed into website with iframe shortcode


  • in facebook, it shows up small, it’s not interactive, and it’s nor formatted in a pretty manner
  • not available on android

360 panorama

see sample – Denver Museum of Contemporary Art Interior Panorama


  • when posting into facebook, one can preview the panorama without leaving the post or timeline
  • available on ipad
  • can email flat versions of the panorama
  • $0.99
  • can review images in three modes, flat and two types of stereographic


  • can’t find an easy way to shoot above the horizon – maybe I’m missing something?
  • not available on android
  • embed code for websites is not available, or not apparent
All in all, the options are impressive. I remember doing this manually in Photoshop back in the day.