this is ori


Ori on her 2nd Birthday (and Juneau on the boat)

Ori had her 2 year checkup and she is doing great, esp in terms of milestones. She measured 32.5″ (10%) and 26# (40%).

She has been very entertaining us with her language skills – she surprised Michael the other day when she said, Ori ate too many nanas. She also questions a lot – “Mommy, are you changing Ori’s diaper?” I’m fascinated on how she gets her verb conjugations and overall grammar pretty much right on! She is also the master of going up and down stairs without holding on to anything and can often be found taking off her clothes/diaper and trying to wipe herself.

Another one Ori-ism that entertained me…she was really into saying “no” to everything a couple months ago except when you posed the double negative…. smart girl.

me: do you want to go to take a nap?
ori: no
me: do you want to eat worms?
ori: no
me: do you want to drink milk?
ori: no
me: do you want to change your diaper?
ori: no
me: do you want to say no?
ori: silence



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