What’s in a name – Io?

Some things about Io’s name:

  • It’s pronounced like it’s spelled —-> eye- O
  • Io is one of the moon’s of Jupiter. Space has been on our mind lately
  • Also stands for input output
  • Common to Juintow, Orinoco, Foxlin, Niko, and Mogwai. First two letters of Iowa, where Juintow was born
  • Ori wanted to name her Princess Leia, so we are calling the new baby – Io Princess Leia Foxlin. Star Wars has also been on our mind a lot, as Juneau and Ori are big fans, and our third came on May 3! May the Third be with you.
  • Leh is one of the most beautiful places Juintow has visited. Juneau and Orinoco were named for Juneau Alaska (Michael lived in Juneau and traveled throughout Alaska) and the Orinoco River (Juintow lived and traveled throughout Venezuela)
  • Now we can finally name our boat – after a year and a half….. Joi!

io   jupiter and her moon, Io00030008 (mama in Leh outskirts, Nubra Valley,  India, circa 1999)


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