Southern California ADU Guide

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Southern California ADU Guide

In this informative downloadable PDF guide, you’ll discover:

  • ADU options for your property
  • Rules to adding an ADU
  • ADU prototypes
  • and much more!

We designed this guidebook to help you in the decision-making process, after seeing so many people struggle to understand the rules associated with adding an ADU to an existing property.  The rules are everchanging, and we hope this guide will help direct you in the right direction for adding an ADU to your property.

Nothing is more exciting than creating a new project, and nothing will affect the success of your project more than being informed.

You may be wondering:  can I even add an ADU to my lot?

There are numerous ways to add an ADU to your property; however, we hope that this guide will help you select the best option for your needs.

This guide will present the 8 different ADU types, along with the rules associated with ADUs in the State of California.  It is important to note that the rules brought forth in this brochure were updated to reflect the changes made in January of 2020.

We hope you enjoy this guide and look forward to your feedback on the contents.

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