Feasibility Study

To further develop your project, the first step is to perform a Feasibility Study. Our process begins with thorough research of your project constraints followed by the creation of a customized Feasibility Study for your project. This serves several purposes:

  • It minimizes your risk to faulty design decisions by laying the proper groundwork up-front.
  • It clarifies the project constraints so that proper design decisions can be made.
  • It helps us determine if this working relationship is a “fit” for both parties (you and me) before fully committing to a contract for design services
  • It allows you to explore your goals for your project in a structured format.

Joseph Romm explains in his book Cool Cities that “although up-front building and design costs may represent only a fraction of the building’s life-cycle costs when just 1 percent of a project’s up-front costs are spent, up to 70 percent of its life-cycle costs may already be committed.” What does this mean for your project? Decisions made at the beginning of your project have a great impact on the options you have available later – investing well early in the process will pay huge dividends over the life of your project.

If after working through this phase you decide that your project needs have changed or that you no longer wish to work together, the Feasibility Study is yours to keep.

If you decide to proceed after this phase, the $900 fee is applicable to the design fee for the project.