Bio-Robotic (CPP)

Explorations in Bio-robotic Building Facades Summary This course explores a futuristic strain of architectural


We are now working on the full-scale install and testing in Israel of this

emergent behavior through a full-scale prototype loosely analogous to a flock of birds

Flock Wall (CPP)

The investigation explores emergent behavior through a full-scale prototype loosely analogous to a flock

Art feature at Coechella, collaboration between Michael Fox and Insomniac Productions

Neural Sky (CPP)

Interactive Architecture Exhibit at Coachella Valley Music Festival The design and construction was carried

Bubbles is an adaptable spatial pneumatic installation at an urban scale


Bubbles is an adaptable spatial pneumatic installation at an urban scale. The installation consists

Michael Fox, Foxlin Architects, NanoCity is an interactive robotic city moving across the landscape demonstrating a mass-balance of resources

Nanocity (CPP)

The concept behind Nano-City” is that technological advance and ecological responsibility are not necessarily

Blue tiled bathroom for children, Foxlin Architects

Blue Loo

The Boys Bathroom at Lemon Heights is complete. See Project Portfolio for more information.

Blue Tiles

Blue tiles in the boys bathroom. For more information on this project, see the Lemon

In Hong Kong

Michael is in Hong Kong again doing double duty at HKPU (Asias’ #1 Design


Michael went to one of his favorite cities – Shenyang for a very brief business

Tianjin in July

Michael is in Tianjin China teaching a workshop on bio-robotic building facades.  It is

Plaza Art

This project serves to encourage the directional flow of pedestrians at Vanke City. The


The Urban Intervention team (part) head out for a much deserved day of sun,

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Form Magazine

Publication: Form Magazine and Website Publisher: Balcony Media Date: May 2007

Architectural Record Magazine

Publication: Architectural Record Magazine Publisher: Architectural Record Date: 1/23/2007 Link:

Sanding day

DSC_5225InterlaceProcess Originally uploaded by juintow Our trustee volunteers are back, including Tony Pacheco and


DSC_5205InterlaceProcess Originally uploaded by juintow After several days of gluing, the piece is finally


DSC_5102-InterlaceProcess Originally uploaded by juintow Houston Drum lays out the parts before gluing –


DSC_5150-Orinoco Originally uploaded by juintow The Foxlins took a break to have their new

Color Samples

LAContemporary-062110-22 Originally uploaded by juintow Houston did nearly 30 color samples… some with a


DSC_4919-LAContemporary Originally uploaded by juintow Juneau and Michael get down to the music.

Finished Design

LAContemporary-100612-all, originally uploaded by juintow. The final design renderings for our exhibit – better

Some finished shots

photos by rob kassabian – also see all our updated finished photos at


to all who came by and visited among the bubbles to John Juster for

0909 & 0910

welding done, first bubbles are up! thanks to our great showing of volunteers, we


We painted the structure and assembled/wired the remaining bubble hangers. Next weekend we will

10 days to go

Thanks to all the volunteers who spent their holiday weekend stringing eggs, assembling bubble

past weekend

saturday: erecting steel structure, stringing eggs, and assembling hangers

Steel Structure

grinding, welding, and cutting – bubbles are cantilevered from the central structural element