Cindy Qi project manager of Foxlin Architects of Southern California



Education Bachelor of Merchandise Product Development
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
Bachelor of Architecture
California State Polytechnic University

Lover of Shorthair cats, Cindy owns an Oriental Shorthair and an American Shorthair. Her nails are as fancy as her cats. Every other week she comes in rocking fresh nails with unique designs. Born in China and raised in California since she was fifteen, she speaks fluent Chinese and English. Her first passion was fashion. She dominated this field and owned a clothing company where she designed, sourced beautiful fabrics, manufactured merchandise, and even sold for her own collection. Being a master in the fashion industry, she of course excels in the architectural world. “Designing is like a language, people can communicate to each other using designs.” Cindy’s favorite style is mid-century but she manages design projects for all types of design styles. This identical twin enjoys watching movies (any genre besides horror) and spending her days indoors, as far away from the sun as possible.