David Miller

David Miller Architectural Designer



Bachelor of Environmental Design
University of Colorado

Imagine a 6’5” fella cruising around in a sea breeze green mom mobile that saves not only the earth but saves people from pollution, and any sort of jealousy. For a gentleman that wishes for the superpower of flying, David sure sat that one out. He gets his adrenaline from other activities such as snowboarding and surfing. He spends most of his time on the weekends outdoors, playing basketball and cycling. “Last weekend, I enjoyed a 15-mile bike excursion,” is something that has been heard a time or two from David. 

David was born and raised in Seal Beach. When it was time to attend college, he dashed off to the adventurous state of Colorado and attended the University of Colorado for Environmental Design. His thirst for adventure continued after college. He moved to New Zealand to work for an architecture firm during the weeks and surf, hike, and learn to like rugby on the weekends. His out of the box thinking is due in part to his time spent on remote farms where functionality is beauty, eggs are not refrigerated, and life is dictated by the arc of the sun…and driving is done on the left side. His time with the Kiwis allowed him to gain experience in multi-family, residential, and modular homes concepts.

His spark for home building was lit as a child when he was intrigued by the construction of new homes in his neighborhood. With inspiration from Peter Zumthor and Tadao Ando, he was able to discover his own approach, using simple materials with high attention to detail. Although the world has turned digital, his good ole’ pals, the sketchbook and the pen still reign supreme. His friends come in handy when he needs to jot down or draw out ideas quickly. Miller is a project manager for FoxLin Architects. He managed one of the favorites, recently completed projects, Two Left Forks in Irvine, California. When asked why he chose FoxLin, he stated, “Michael and Juintow are both very accomplished designers in their own right. With their educational background, I know they want to stay on the cutting edge of design and project management. I liked how the small family atmosphere keeps the office fun and helps all projects improve because everyone has an opportunity to present their ideas.”

Curious what his next big adventure is? Hint: they are known for their sumo wrestlers, ninjas, and cherry blossom front. Truly, he cannot wait to spend most of his life earnings on food in Japan, but nothing will ever beat his favorite, simple glazed donuts.