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We offer an on-site consultation which consists of a maximum of two hours. Please call for pricing for on-site visits. At this time, FoxLin does not provide free on-site consultations. The initial consultation is an opportunity to meet with you to discuss your wish list, your budget, and your style hopes to help you with your decision on designing your project. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about your project and for us to learn your needs. From that point, once you have met us, you can decide what level of service you require, from feasibility study to full design services.

We do not want to tempt you to hire usĀ for a ā€œfree consultationā€ because your time is valuable, and we successfulĀ relationships are built on mutual respect. It is possibleĀ that aĀ ā€œfreeā€ consultation may end up costing you more once they are added to the final design fees.Ā If you decide to sign a contract with us, this fee will be applied to our services.

The consultation fee covers the architect’s time, mileage, and traveling time. Consultations do not include any drawings. The fixed fee includes the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. PleaseĀ reach out to use for pricing on other locations.

To book an initial consultation, fill out the form, call us, or book us directly using the calendar provided.

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    In looking for a time slot,Ā try toĀ pick a slot with adequate drive time buffer from Southern Orange County Thanks for checking us out!

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