Melissa Goeritz

Melissa Goeritz Project Manager at FoxLin Architects in Southern California



Bachelor of Consumer Science-Interior Design
Carson Newman University
Master of Architecture
University of Tennessee

Melissa is a German-speaking Tennessee native. Growing up on a farm in East Tennessee, her story of how she came to speak German is quite intriguing. While freelancing and working international design competitions in Germany, she worked as a skillful barista to learn the language of business. Her competitive edge has always been a part of her existence. She originally accepted a scholarship to play soccer for a Division 1 school in Charlotte, North Carolina. Due to her wanting to put a focus on a high-level interior design program, she transferred to Carson Newman University in Tennessee in order to play soccer and chase her career.

After spending a year in California, she and her husband decided to plant their roots by buying their first lovely home together. Currently, she can be found sprucing up her new home with a hammer in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. On days when the renovation has taken over too much of her life and she needs a slowdown, she relaxes by grabbing brunch on the water. Melissa absolutely adores her full-of-personality dog Sadie. Sometimes she and her dog escape to nature and get lost hiking and camping, away from the noise. She has years of experience in this very field. She previously worked as an Architectural Associate in Hamburg, Germany, designing city theaters. Melissa appreciates the small office environment at FoxLin Architects where she is able to work directly with the principals.