Michael Fox, Architect, AIA, LEED AP, Contractor (b), Professor

Michael Fox is an Architect at Foxlin Architects in Southern California



Bachelor of Architecture
University of Oregon, 1992
Master of Architecture
MIT, 1996

Michael grew up in Oregon’s version of the Bay Area, Coos Bay.  Private intel puts the population at 15, 967. Slightly lower than the population of San Francisco at 7 million. Coos Bay may not be known for their technology, but they are known for their world-class golf, huge dunes, the Hanging Rock, and the Golden and Silver Falls. (Oregon Live)

Complementary to most of the members of this firm, Michael has also lived all over the world. Living in Tokyo, New York, Boston, Ushuaia, Argentina, and Alaska, and happily resided in California since 2001. He once lived in Alaska for six months, isolated in a cabin with no two-way human communication. Not many people could handle that; which is maybe why he named his son Juneau. It’s a shock he didn’t become an animal whisperer. No doubt it’s his hidden talent – convinced.

Before co-founding FoxLin with his beautiful wife, Juintow Lin, he taught at schools all over the globe. He also served as an assistant to engineer and investor Chuck Hoberman in New York and was a design team leader for Kitamura Associates in Tokyo, Japan.  To prove his intelligence and passion for inspiring students to expand their knowledge, Fox founded the Kinetic Design Group at MIT in 1998 as a sponsored research group to investigate interactive architecture. Michael directed the group for three years. His practice, teaching, and research are centered on interactive and bio-mimetic architecture. His lists of talents and achievements continue. He is the author of the books Interactive Architecture and  Interactive Architecture: Adaptive World.

Anyone would be impressed by his list of achievements. There is actually a list! He makes Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, and Tom Brady, look bad. To name a few, he has been featured in many international periodicals and books, he has been elected twice as the President of ACADIA, and he has won numerous awards in architectural ideas competitions. In his spare time (Wait, he has spare time?), he sails, spends time with his children and, of course, sleeps. On the weekends, he is entangled with a hammer, drill, and saw, mending the house. His favorite part of the FoxLin office is that when stepping out the door, a glimpse of paradise is shown, the ocean. “Now that’s a good metaphor of where you ought to be going…”