Maternity Photos


I take 1000s of pictures a year of my family, but rarely am the subject of the camera. Considering this is our last, I didn’t want to miss documenting my bump for posterity. It is also nice to have pictures of the last one because the older kids are included. One of my regrets with my previous pregnancies was not getting maternity photos done. With my first, we were caught off guard to be told at 37 weeks that we had to go to the hospital right away. We snapped some horrible pics in the backyard, and that was that. With my second, my husband took some pictures around week 36 or 37. They turned out ok but I felt huge with that pregnancy, gaining 10 extra pounds more than #1 and #3 (I blame the insulin). So at 34 weeks, and while on modified bed rest, I got these pictures done by a profesional. Now that I’ve blown my photography budget for the decade, all future photos will be taken with my new DSLR (more on that after I get a chance to play with it).


Photos by Nancy Villere