This project in Fox Point, Wisconsin included adding to and renovating the family’s existing house in order to improve curb appeal and suit their expanded family of 5.

FoxLin added a master suite, bedroom, upstairs playroom, and opened up the ground floor in order to make a larger kitchen, mud room, and family room. Vertical cedar siding was combined with large, high windows and lofted ceilings throughout to take advantage of the beautiful forest views and to open up and connect spaces.


Year Completed: 2017
Size: 3700 square feet
Lot Size: 20,230 square feet
Location: Fox Point, Wisconsin
Design-Build Contractor: SJ Janis
Interior Designer: Diane Nelson
Design Team: Lin, Chen, Timm
Construction Drawings: Pitzen Design
Client: Private Homeowner
Unique Attributes: We reduced the street setback through a variance.