This residence is placed on the top of a slope at the end of a private drive offering sweeping views of the valley below.  The open plan has large windows and all of the rooms are situated to have views of the landscape. The entry approach is on a long path through garden landscaping to a two story entry which opens up to the open living spaces and the infinity pool beyond. There is a wok kitchen in addition to a large western kitchen adjacent to the outdoor deck.  The second floor includes a playroom with an open connection to the living spaces below. The sweeping roof forms and shading trellises accentuate the connections to nature and the site.

Design: 2017
Location: Walnut,  California
Lot Size: 39,370 square feet
Area House: 4,500 square feet
Surveyor: Apple  Engineering
Civil Engineer:  Toal Engineering
Soils Engineer: Geofirm
Design Team: Juintow Lin, Cindy Qi, Ollin Timm
Client: Homeowner
Status: Planning Commission Review