2011 IAD World Congress (NCKU Workshop)


2011 IAD World Congress in Taiwan sponsored workshop at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Tainan Taiwan 2011,  with international students from 5 additional universities.

In this workshop we will explore the new skills of contemporary social interactions and develop means to bring these new methods out of the computer and into the real physical world which we inhabit.
You are to think about connecting people.  You may choose any site or context for your application but it needs to serve the goal of connecting people and fostering social interactions.  It may be about communication, but it also may be simply about awareness.  You are also to consider growth in that the project may grow through the interaction.
As technology unfolds, will our design environments also be so inextricably tied to such living trends that both will ultimately and simultaneously respond to, and define each other in a corresponding manner?


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