Actar's Verb – Natures Edition

An awesome book has come to our attention by Actar Publishing entitled Natures. It is part of the elegantly crafted Verb series of “Boogazines” (half book, half magazine, clever eh?). Take a look and see what’s inside, great addition to any library interested in naturally-inspired architecture. Verb Natures Natures

From the Site:

“What is fascinating is the inability to separate the real from the digital, because they already form part of the same nature.” So we said in the last issue of Verb. Here we explore how this fusion takes place. Buildings and cities grow, are transformed, and dissolve. How can this evolution be generated, controlled, enhanced or imagined? Is our environment programmable? How does the fusion of natural and artificial matter produce new architectural organisms, new environments, new natures? How does technology animate space, and how do users and programs animate matter? The fifth volume of Actar’s boogazine looks for a new definition of the organic.

Here’s some praise from around the archisphere:

¨Cultivated, socially conscious, cautiously optimistic, yet pragmatic… Want to impress fellow grad students? Then hang onto every word of Actar’s boogazine… An enjoyable exploration into the nature of nature.¨ Dwell Magazine

¨Nature meets technology in this, Actar’s latest Verb boogazine. Presenting some of the most striking projects to grace the pages of the series.¨ Life Without Buildings

¨The selected works are as varied as the approaches or design methodologies demonstrated…Another well-crafted Actar publication with generous photos, drawings and text.¨ Death By Architecture

¨Through a series of profiles and interviews this self-dubbed ‘boogazine’ captures the zeitgeist of design that is rooted in biology and algorithmic geometry.¨ SEED MAGAZINE




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