Best photo management software is Lightroom

I finally settled on a photo-management software. Now I shoot in RAW, upload my pictures to my computer and edit using Lightroom. What I like about it is that:

  • the software is not that expensive
  • it’s easy to use
  • can upload to flickr, facebook, smugmug, pretty easily and sync between them.
There are some downsides. It won’t handle videos, and the connection to facebook is not great.  I shoot with a Canon T2i. It takes great pictures with little need for post processing, but all pictures look a bit better with a little work. Also Picasa does a standout job on tagging faces. I hope the newer version of Lightroom will deal with videos and tagging… I have yet to try v.4. I bought the software three months before the update.
Here is the basic workflow
  1. Put memory card into computer
  2. Import photos to Lightroom
  3. Lightroom downloads them to my hard drive and files them in an orderly way
  4. I look through the images, and use the very handy shortcuts to reject, pick, rank, the images
  5. Select all rejected and delete them
  6. Tag all photos as needed
  7. Adjust photos that need adjusting, usually I crop, adjust brightness, contrast, blacks, and change some to black/white
  8. Sync them to my online facebook and smugmug accounts
  9. Delete the images from my computer.

Occasionally, I bring the pictures into Photoshop in order to fix blemishes, such as milk mustaches, etc.

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