Eyes Wide Shut (HKPU)

A lot of cool prototypes for a public space that can be used for connecting people and fostering social interactions. Watch the movies!

As communication technology unfolds, our designed environments will be so inextricably tied to our living trends that both will ultimately and simultaneously respond to, and define each other in a corresponding manner. In this course we will develop and prototype designs for a public space that can be used for connecting people and fostering social interactions.  It may be about communication, but it also may be simply about making explicit the awareness of others. Additional focus will be on engaging the human body as an active means of interaction.

The aim of the course is to develop the skills necessary to explore, think about, and design intelligently responsive kinetic objects and systems and spaces.  The primary goal of the course is to expose students to innovative way of thinking about design in terms of adaptability with respect to both contextual systems and building programming.  The idea is to create spaces and objects that can physically re-configure themselves to meet changing needs. The central issues explored are human and environmental interaction, embedded computational infrastructures, physical control mechanisms and the processes that architects and designers can use in creating and demonstrating of such systems.   Within the framework of this course, design processes and methodologies will be developed so that students will have the practical confidence to explore such systems in future design explorations.


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