Hair, hands, and feet


Mama got a new camera! Couple that with maternity leave and a new babe…….. and voila:

Michael’s note to his family – who were patiently waiting info……..

Sorry for the lack of details Рit was a pretty much no-technology day (aside from phones) Baby is great: and about a third of the weight of Mogwai the pug but about the same size. Very different though in having just one big torso: The torso branches out at one end into two symmetrical parts which further branch out into another symmetrical set of 5 branches on each side.   At the joint of the major branches there are no other appendages but there are two holes that seem to be for output only.   I assume she will eventually be bi-pedal and stand on these two branches based on how the mother behaves.  On the other end of the torso there are two more appendages which stick out at 90 degrees from each other and these as well have a further branching of 5 on each side as well.  It is also presumed that there will not be further branching based on the mother.   In the middle of the torso there is a small yellow appendage which will presumably fall off eventually and take on a button-like appearance much like that on the top of your trousers. The reverse side is devoid of anything aside from some black hair which will presumably also fall off eventually as I have not noticed this on many adults outside of those I have seen in Tennessee and parts of Alaska. On the opposite side of the branching end of the torso there is a spherical appendage that seems to control most all of her input and output.  At the nearest end to the torso there is a round opening that makes a strange sound which seems to cease when milk from the mother is put into it or if she is held vertical and moved around the room.  Above that there is a protrusion that presumably is for olfactory input though she seems to have no reaction to the output at the bottom of the torso which ought to trigger some response.  Above this on the same side are two circles with operable shades that have opened a few times but seem to prefer the closed position regardless of aural stimulation.  Aural stimulation by the way occurs via a symmetrical pair of strange looking two-dimensional flanged appendages that each have a hole in the center. These are rather purple in color.  On the top of the sphere is a lot of black hair which presumably will not fall out soon.

Sorry it took a while to get you these details РWe are super excited to have this addition to our family РHope this helps.


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