MATSYS Look At Efficiency: Zero Fold Screen

MATSYS architecture are a brilliant design house that delve into emergent design and digital fabrication like none other, we have a very popular article about their Honeycomb Morphologies project here as well. Their newest post is about the Zero Fold Screen. Whereas digital fabrication often opens up the door to new designs and efficient use of time, it often equally results in a waste of resources, with small pieces cut into large panels with much waste. Zero Fold starts backwards, the design of the shading curtain began with the available dimensions of the raw panel and the algorithm applied seemingly aimed to create efficient undulation to make the most use of that very panel. Design on a dime if you will…much more pictures in the rest of the post…

Below is a diagram showing how the panel was divided to reduce the spaces in between the different panels without being mundane or repetitive.:


Here are the finished pieces after going through CNC.


If our readers would like more images, by all means visit the project site, it has a never ending gallery, but we’ve posted some of our favorites below:





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