Meta Series by Simbiotek Design Lab

Image by SDL

Simbiotek Design Lab (SDL) is a collaborative between two designers based out of San Diego, CA whose focus is the creation of biomimetic products that edify their clientele on the importance of biodiversity in the natural world. While both are trained as architects their individual emphases range from design computation and advanced fabrication techniques to anthropomorphic and environmental design. Their products typically evolve from researching highly evolved organisms that are applied to scalable objects whether that be architecture or jewelry.

Image by SDL

Image by Arcadia Contract FurnitureTheir Meta Series consists of both a jewelry and furniture line and both designs are based on the research of various organisms that display voronoi subdivision logic namely the giant Amazonian water-lily and dragonfly wings. The Meta occasional tables feature a uniquely different CNC routed subsurface with inlaid frosted glass currently sold and produced at Arcadia Furniture. Their Meta bracelets mimic not only the subdivision of voronoi cells but also the armature thickness : cell density ratio found in organisms around the world. Each is 3D printed from a soft yet durable ABS plastic that has a coral like texture.

Image by Arcadia Contract Furniture

Image by SDL

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