Michael Fox lecturing on Urban Environment: Interactive Design at the ENV Conference


April 30, 2015 at Cal Poly Pomona Building 7 ENV in Pomona, CA.

Michael Fox from FoxLin Architects will present a lecture on Urban Environment: Interactive Design at the Conference Metamorphosis: Evolving the Urban Environment

The ENV Council is presenting a great line of speakers that are focusing on the nature of urban spaces specifically in Southern California and their development through innovation, creativity, and technology.

“The disciplines of Environmental Design are reaching ambitious limits within our contextual environment. Metamorphosis is the result of our impact as a community.

The human-built environment is constantly changing and we are rapidly advancing the way we produce, fabricate and think about design. As a community we are building upon the past while constructing the future in the present. 21st century technologies have enabled us to alter the urban environment at unprecedented rates. The nature of our urban spaces has been changing more rapidly in the past decades. Through innovation, creativity, technology, and policy, professionals are pushing the boundaries as diplomatic stewards of the evolution of our surroundings. These transformations will change the way we live and define the forthcoming urban environment of Southern California.”

 Metamorphosis: Evolving the Urban Environment

Metamorphosis: Evolving the Urban Environment


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