Mobile Earth Base Design for the Space Elevator (CPP)


On an architectural level, designs will explore and demonstrate efficient planning issues that include the development of transportation, utility and facility infrastructures to support space construction and industrial development from Earth out to geostationary orbit (GEO). The high cost of constructing a space elevator can only be justified by high usage, by passengers and payload, tourists and space dwellers. Students will work in teams of two to produce complete building designs including the detailed development and construction concept for the base. Students will develop scaled prototypes of the system that can successfully demonstrate the robotic aspects of the project that will be integrated into the designs to optimize the performative aspects of the designs in terms of energy, mobility and robustness. Physical models will demonstrate actual robotics, structure and materials.
An equatorial location is ideal for a tower of such enormous height because the area is practically devoid of hurricanes and tornadoes and most importantly, because it aligns properly with geostationary orbits. To keep the outer end of the cable structure from tumbling to Earth, it would be attached to a large counterbalance mass beyond geostationary orbit. Each design will propose and develop a counterweight strategy.

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