New Building Hosts Living Skin Concept

A building concept envisioned for the new urban boom in China is proposing an advanced skin system that, similar to the stomata on the under side of the leaf, provides opportunities for controlling the gaseous exchange between the interior and exterior of the building. The system also has the potential for controlling quality of light and ventilation throughout the entire structure.


There isnt much about the project online, but from what we have gathered but it was featured originally on Inhabitat in this article. It is also evident that Philips has some kind of partnership with the design proposal from the project being featured on their promotional design probes page on this page. You can see a more full treatment of the Habitat 2020 project on the Philips archive by visiting this internal page. There seems to be a short brief, videos and an opportunity to download high resolution renderings of the concept.


  1. JW /Reply

    Can you credit this work, please? What stage of development is this in or is this just a concept and who is the author? What firm is involved and how can they be reached.Thanks JW

    1. Ehsaan /Reply

      Hi JW,

      i just did some research and found out some information for you, please refer to the notes in the updates section at the bottom of the full post. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, hope the new information helps you out. let us know of any other posts you’d like more information about.


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