Pools Mimicking Natural Lake Habitats

There’s a new green development trend of naturally purified and filtered residential pools that work much like a lake habitat. No need for nasty chemicals and chlorine since part of the the pool is dedicated to filtering and recycling the water with friendly plants, waterfalls and bacteria while the rest is dedicated to a deeper swimming zone. The entire design is a system based application of naturally occurring “swimmable” fresh water bodies. Biomimicry at its best.

Below is a diagram illustrating in summary how the system works. A waterfall is necessary to keep the water in cycle so as to avoid the introduction of mosquitoes and other parasites that would be attracted to still water bogs and marshes. Next a sizable volume of the system is dedicated to rocks that house friendly bacteria responsible for constantly filtering the water to avoid the need for chlorine and chemical solutions found in standard pools. In addition to bacteria, many filtering plants and wildlife are also introduced to complete the lake-like appearance and functionality. Finally a portion is dedicated to a deeper volume that can be used to swim in.

Here are some other awesome pics and close ups. This next solution employs a quite pleasing division between the structured deep portion and the filtering area.

Here are a few more modern examples.

The potential for these systems is truly amazing since they can serve as habitats for much wildlife that have been left homeless in a sea of concrete among vast urban development.

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