This mixed use project includes a law office and a single 1400 sf residential unit.  The unique parcel takes advantage of the expansive views both to the east and west of the site opening up to lush planting in the rear and a 50 foot tall protected tree in the front. The office is a combination of historic and contemporary elements with an exterior of black painted steel, dark wood and weathered grey brick while the interiors are flooded with light on a white palate with elements of black steel open stairs and railings.  The contemporary residential unit includes a loft overlooking a 16 foot high living space with exterior balconies on the sides and rear opening to the landscaped areas.


Design: 2019

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Soils Engineer: Geosystems, Inc

Civil and Survey: The Land Surveyor

Design Team: Michael, Melissa

Client: Private Owner

Status: In Progress