This new residence consists of a  clustering of spaces around a central pool and courtyard.  The massing is a 3-d quilt of different spaces that all are visually and programmatically collected  in the central court. The entry sequence faces a glass wall and water feature directly connected to the courtyard which is open to the south washing the interior with natural daylighting. The Dining and Kitchen  are connected to both the courtyard and the lush backyard providing a completely private facilitation of southern California indoor/outdoor lifestyles. The Family room connected to a backyard patio and also includes a craft room and small schoolroom for home learning activities. The  sustainable features include solar panels, active water heating, grey water recycling, green roofs as well as massing and orientation.

Design: 2016
Location: Costa Mesa,  California
Area: 5,000  square feet
Structural Engineer: JZ Structural, Inc.
Title 24: EnerGlo24
Civil Engineer: Sessions Consulting Engineers
Design Team: Juintow Lin, Ollin Timm, Oscar Gonzalez
Client: Private Homeowner
Status: Under Bidding