Cycle Hill Seattle serves to revitalize the cultural campus, engage participation from the larger urban community, encourage sustainable building practices and change attitudes towards healthy lifestyles.

At the core of this proposal is a metropolitan hub focused on both a massive networked urban bike-share program as well as an interactive energy harvesting playground. The bike-share program reaches out far into the greater Seattle metropolis with sharing stations located at strategic points throughout the city. The singular project can make a powerful and lasting impact through encouraging a change in attitudes towards alternative public transportation. The proposal can realistically be scaled and replicated in other cities to impact bicycle-friendly attitudes in the 50% plus of the world’s population who live in the global megalopolises. On the local level, the site is programmed in a flexible and multi-purposed manner that provides a large open field on one side and a pedestrian forest on the other connected by a series of bike- and walkable ramps that weave together an amphitheater for concerts, a marketplace and shopping all organized to encourage open connections to the reinvigorate the broader cultural campus. The proposal includes an innovative approach towards interacting in public space via numerous fun kinetic play structures that appeal to people of all ages. The structures are designed to be both interactive and collaborative in nature to encourage social connections and engage both first-time tourists and returning ll visitors to the site. The energy generated by people doing activities of all types, will be harvested to supplement the power needed on the site. Taking a cue from leisure sports, the proposal seeks to demonstrate that having fun in an urban context and healthy activity are not necessarily a contradiction in terms.

Principals: Michael Fox and Juintow Lin
Design Team: Lang Lor, Edwin Cruz, Emmanuel Gonzalez, and Xing Qi
Additional Help: Cooper Ballantine, Mason Mccarthy, Andrew Lords, and Julie Stenger-Smith
Design: 2012
Cycle Hill Seattle
Location: Seattle, WA