This project responds to issues of both beauty and time in contemporary life. The project conveys the perpetual coexistence of coexisting chaos in a  predictable system. It communicates the idea that while time is regular and predictable, what happens is often unpredictable and temporary.  Specifically the project is a deceptive clock with a very regular predictable motion creating random unpredictable patterns on the wall that fade away over time.   The clock moves in a very predictable way to reach a point where it will tell the correct time once an hour and then falls away to inscribe a unique and totally unpredictable pattern on the wall and repeats.

Technical Description:

This project is composed of a single large double pendulum that is attached to a ring. The ring is connected to the pendulum arms and they move together.  The motor is secured to the central column in the space and the controller is hidden in a box on the floor at the base of the exhibit for easy access and maintenance. Currently we are exploring several ways that the marking on the wall can fade away and disappear over time including heat-sensitive fabric or water-based dye. 

Design: 2023
Location: Guangzhou, Guandong, China
Design Team: Axel Kilian (in Collaboration with Foxlin), Michael, Cindy Xi
Fabrication/Controls: Antonio Anfiteatro, Soundnine Inc. (Darius Miller, Steve Thompson)
Client: Guangzhou Mei Lian Ti Hong Chuan Gang Clinic