Eco-29 is a physically morphing, spatially adaptable wedding hall and event space that stands as one of the largest spatially kinetic environments of its kind.

The architects’ motivation for creating the design lies in mediating between the outside environment and the dynamic spatial layouts that exist sequentially in the context of a wedding ceremony. It was required that the space be able to open up as much as possible for other events and that there be a stage at one end of the building and an open garden at the other. In effect, the space had to have absolute three-dimensional flexibility. The concept was developed whereby a “soft” architecture would be developed within the rigid confines of the existing warehouse building. The existing manufacturing building was stripped down to the steel structural skeleton with the existing roof. All of the wood structure was completed with reclaimed wood and the original concrete floor was patched and refinished.

This project in Israel is the largest fully dynamic event space ever built, with more than 70 computer controlled motors and a quarter mile of fabric. Our role was the design and implementation of the interactive portion of the design.

Completed: 2013
Eco – 29 – Ehad Le-Ehad Ltd
Area: 9250 square feet
Location:Hadera, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Chief Architect: Eran Shemish of Brahma Architects
Electronics: Darius Miller
Clients: Yosi Yahalom and Alon Talom

In-Action Movie

Fabric Animation 2 Interior View

Fabric Animation 2 Front View

Fabric Animation 1 Interior View