This residence on a large open lot in Vista, CA  takes advantage of the sweeping views and outdoor lifestyles of the owners by being perched on the top of the slope and spread out in a linear configuration. The long entry sequence passes through a private enclosed garden and water feature before entering the living spaces with wide open views and several connections to the cantilevered decks. The plan is a simple corridor with living/dining and kitchen in an open configuration along the side towards the views.   The plan is dissected transversely as well with the circulation to the second floor guest quarters which include a master bedroom and office.

Design: 2016
Location: Vista,  California
Lot Size: 3.9 Acres
Area House: 2,000 square feet
Surveyor: Michael Benesh
Design Team: Juintow Lin, Michael Fox, David Miller
Client: Homeowner
Status: Under Bidding