The Yuanda Master plan is a new campus that facilitates a sense of urban community. The internalized master plan at once presents a strong and dynamic urban street presence and a sense of community through a series of human-scale green space plazas. The general organization places the entry and offices on the street edge near the entry to the plaza with the research buildings surrounding the internalized courtyard. The exterior is a uniform perimeter designed to showcase a curtain wall system and has recessed areas to create layers of understanding the programmatic elements of the building. The exterior façade is also penetrated at several points for easy access to the side street. The interior façade is more varied to create a showcase of different curtain walls and can easily accept variation.

The interior research labs face into a green courtyard which serves as a natural counterpoint to the urban environment. The large central courtyard is broken up into smaller spaces for social gathering primarily through a series of simple height variations. In addition to the height variations, the green space is articulated with pedestrian bridges which provide a variety of visual connections and numerous alternate circulation routes.

All activities from the research buildings have easy access to the central green space. Those who work at the campus will feel a sense of community and of belonging through an environment that facilitates spaces of hard work alongside a connection to nature.