Situated Interactions (HKPU)


Theme: An interactive Environment for Relaxation

We wake up in the morning to an alarm and rush to where we need to be. We deal with errands on the way while drinking coffee and talking on the phone as we navigate traffic on the freeway. We turn left or right according to the vocal instruction of our GPS navigation unaware of the direction in which we are headed, the sun, the mountains or the ocean. We rush from one task to another, timed by reminders that pop up on our phones until the workday is finished and we go home to sit in front of the computer with the television playing in the background.
All of these increased hours utilizing communications and entertainment technologies are related to living trends that dramatically impact our ability to manage our mental space and relax. We are saturated with technological devices convinced that they increase our efficiency and abilities to get more done; to have more time.
As technology unfolds, will our architecture also be so inextricably tied to such living trends that both will ultimately and simultaneously respond to, and define each other in a corresponding manner?
Can we live in a world with all of the inherent benefits and pleasures and still have peace of mind, calmness and a connection to the natural rhythms and sensations of the planet?
In this workshop we will explore how to mediate the contemporary world described above through an interactive environment which can foster and nurture a connection to nature, self introspection and genuine fortuitous social interactions. Students will explore the design of a relaxation environment as a means to develop our understanding of architectural strategies for managing mental space.

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