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Two Left Forks Bar in Irvine, California, Foxlin Architects Two Left Forks in Irvine, California, Foxlin Architects, Andersen Hospitality
Two Left Forks wine wall decor in Irvine, California, Foxlin Architects, Andersen Hospitality



Meet Andersen Hospitality

We are super excited to share one of our most recent projects with you. In the hustle and bustle of the job, and our architects working late hours to stay ahead of the workload, sometimes we forget to take a second to relish the moment. I am taking the time now to applaud our team, and also to announce our relationship with Andersen Hospitality for the Two Left Forks Irvine launch.

You may know them with their affiliation with Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach (which has been around longer than the town) and the Two Left Forks in Dana Point. If you are a fan of a dining experience with great ambiance for date night, a casual bar for watching your favorite team play with a specialty cocktail in your hand, and a menu full of wonderful fusion cuisines, Two Left Forks should be your next move. The warm atmosphere will welcome you in with a friendly change of pace.

Two Left Forks Menu

FoxLin Architects Working With Andersen Hospitality For Their Launch

The story gets better. We are in the midst of working with them to open their second location in the Quail Hill Shopping Center in Irvine, California. Their second location will have a new component, lunch! This location is perfect for business meetings. Irvine is growing their hospitality and tourism cluster with the promotion and services for visitors to this particular location, according to Orange County Community Investment Division. Tourists are attracted to this area for their amusement parks, casinos, restaurants, and hotels. We have high hopes for the success of the launch of Two Left Fork’s second location. It sounds as if they are on the right track. Not to mention, the design speaks to the environment the Andersen’s wanted to create which will appeal to a variety of customers, tourists and locals.


“…a warm, subtle atmosphere with crisp, contemporary accents, and a splash of excitement.” 


This collaboration has been exciting for FoxLin. We are happy to announce that Two Left Forks is less than a month from the opening day. When I asked our lead designer on the project what his favorite part of the project is he replied with, “Working with the Andersen family to create a new restaurant that is a close relative to the existing Two Left Forks in Dana Point but with its own individual flare and surprising elements.” Sounds like we have some surprises in store for the customers. Interior and structural eye candy is important for a new establishment to create buzz. We are excited to bring that to you through this project.

-FoxLin Team


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