University of Pennsylvania Biomimetic Collaboration: Sabin and Jones

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Professor Jenny E. Sabin of the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania and Peter Lloyd Jones Ph.D. in pathology at the same school established Sabin+Jones (also know as LabStudios) in 2007, a biological architecture collaboration looking to apply cutting edge research in cell biology to the built environment. The level these guys are working at is sure to impress everyone. Images and Videos included.

Below is a video summarzing thier activities narrated by the professors themselves:


In thier own words:

“In 2007, Jenny E. Sabin and Peter Lloyd Jones initiated LabStudio, a hybrid research and design unit based within the Institute for Medicine & Engineering, the School of Design and the Nonlinear Systems Organization at The University of Pennsylvania. Within the Sabin+Jones LabStudio, architects, mathematicians, materials scientists and cell biologists are actively collaborating to develop, analyze and abstract dynamic, biological systems through the generation and design of new tools. These new approaches for modeling complexity and visualizing large datasets are subsequently applied to both architectural and biomedical research and design. The real and virtual world that LabStudio occupies has already offered radical new insights into generative and ecological design within architecture, and it is providing new ways of seeing and measuring how dynamic living systems are formed and operate during development and in disease. Overall, the Mission of LabStudio is to produce new modes of thinking, working and creating in design and biomedicine through the modeling of dynamic, multi-dimensional systems with experiments in biology, applied mathematics, fabrication and material construction. ”

As you can all tell its an extremely graduate level and cutting edge discussion on the application of biological processes to architecture, and most surprising its evidence of a deeply engaged and concrete collaboration between professionals from entirely different backgrounds helping to further a common research endeavor.  There’s volumes on work on their site, both actually produced and conceptual phase, i encourage everyone to visit their archive and glance at their work.

They’ve exhibited in various shows across the nation with much acclaim and their research has been published extensively.


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