Amazing New Development: Self Healing Bio-Concrete


Amazing new concept: concrete that’s embedded with bacterial and nutrient spheres alongside traditional aggregate that once exposed to distress or cracks in the concrete expand to fill it up with calcium carbonate, much like the way bones constantly self-heal themselves.

A great article also available here from Treehugger


  1. H McFadden /Reply

    This looks like the answer to many expensive and environmentally destructive problems. The only problem is that we are given no information as to availability, marketing plans etc. Any news on that yet?

    1. Ehsaan Mesghali /Reply

      Hey mr. mcfadden, thanx for the comment. i looked into the video after some research i found out more about the product. It seems to have been developed by Henk Jonkers (, the student in the video from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. It still seems to be in development and i don’t believe (judging by their site) that the school is cooperating with industry yet. Here’s the url to the school’s treatment of the project, hope it helps you out.

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