Easter earthquake

Juneau is barely 20 months and already felt his first earthquake. I was standing in our kitchen with Juneau and wondering why the pots and pans were swaying. I thought… that’s really strange, the wind shouldn’t be that strong. Then i started to feel woozy and it took me forever (it seems) to realize what was going on. Turns out a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Mexicali. I picked up Juneau and ran outside. Michael followed shortly afterwards. Standing in the backyard (is that the best place to be?) we heard the neighbor’s pool sloshing all about. Then we peered over and saw how much the water was moving. It was crazy. I don’t think I felt my first earthquake until I was 30+. I guess that’s the life of a California boy. I do remember my first typhoon though, I was just over 2 in Taiwan….


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