In response a solicitation from Karem Arriaza, MSc, academic from Arturo Prat University, Iquique Chile and director of the FIC Habitat Project, the objective of this project is to examine design strategies for an extreme habitat research station in the Tarapacá region in northern Chile; the most extreme environment on planet earth. 

The habitat will serve as a place to develop research as well as new technologies, exchange of experiences with local and international peers and knowledge of already established experiences.  It will be a place to foster interdisciplinary studies in  Science and Technology. 

The project is driven because Chile, and particularly the Region of Tarapacá is a natural laboratory where the most extreme conditions are present and very close between them and a city. We have the coast in the pacific, where it can be settled as a facility for microgravity, the desert isolation and extreme and hostile climate, as well as high altitude for hypoxia studies.

Design: 2022
Location: Dana Point, California
Area House: 4,644 square feet
Design Team: Michael with Marc Martineau and Karim Arriaza
Structural Engineer: Arturo Pratt University, Iquique, Chile
MEP: Arturo Pratt University, Iquique, Chile
Client:Arturo Pratt University, Iquique, Chile