The entry water pavilion is centered at the main entry to the ”Happy Coast Carnival Area”. It is a large structure which serves as a special place and space to take refuge from the commotion and sit in the soothing atmosphere of the cool shade. It is a place where people can meet up or meet each other and plan their day or simply take a rest. Above the visitors are pools that are filled with water and become turbulent with wave motions when people are beneath them. As more people are centered around each column of water, mist comes out of each column making a cool mysterious atmosphere. While it is a special place to relax it is also one that works by collaboration in being more powerful as more strangers sit together at the base of each column. The skin is a wire mesh fabric which is resistant to rain and weather but which also provides shade in the hot summer and glows from within at nighttime.


Design: 2019

Location: Mianyang, Sichuan, China

Design Team: Michael, David, Chris

Client: Private Owner

Status: Schematic Design