Interlace is an architectural furniture environment designed to accommodate a variety of social scenarios, including both small intimate conversations and large group gatherings. Due to its commanding presence in a space, Interlace is not only a host for these social situations, it is a catalyst. This design interweaves interior and exterior elements with mutual emphasis by creating a semi-enclosed interior and simultaneously allowing for an open connection to the exterior. The functional uses of the environment including seating, armrests, bars, and shelving are embedded within the formal language. A series of cross-sectional profiles are pushed and pulled individually but are ultimately blended together creating one coherent object. The duo-tone finish further accentuates the graphical nature of the extruded form.

Principals: Michael Fox, Juintow Lin
Design Team: Houston Drum
Fabrication Team: Houston Drum, Michael Fox, Juintow Lin, Tony Pacheco, Brandon Gullotti, Ian Carney
Additional Help: Sha-Li Lin, Buortau Lin, Ron Fox