This project serves to establish a landmark international presence in Hongge, near Panzhihua, China. The central idea behind the project is that of interaction: You interact with Hongge. The project points out that when you visit the area, you play golf, you swim in the water-park, you play tennis, you go for a hike or you go soak in the hot springs. You do not passively let life pass you by when you visit Hongge: you live life to the fullest in the time that you are here. The entire design is one that intends to make visitors forget the busy hustle of daily life and allow them to interact with the natural beauty and healthy lifestyles of the mountain landscape.


Design: 2019

Location: Panzhihua, Sichuan, China

Design Team: Michael, Melissa, Cindy, Oscar, Chris

Client: Private Owner

Status: Schematic Design